"The instructor was very knowledgeable and seemed to really care."

"The course will help me make better decisions in the future. The information was great."

"I thought it was very informative and helpful, and liked that it was a small group."

"I had to get a DWI to finally be informed about all this information"

"The instructor answered all my questions."

"I gained knowledge and will help my plans for a better future."

"It was very informative; I wish I had known this before getting a DWI."

"I really can't think of any better, great course."

"The instructor was knowledgeable about the information she was teaching."

The instructor explained "how not expressing emotions could lead to coping with alcohol."

"Good points of the course involved focusing on other factors that contribute to drinking and subsequent DWI arrests."

"It was broken up in parts that held my attention. The education I've gained is invaluable."

"I strongly believe it should be taught in Drivers' Education classes."

"The best part of the course was that it dispelled a lot of myths and misconceptions about alcohol; very educational; great instructor."

"Critical information was given about the factors that can influence one's driving performance and the steps that need to be taken to avoid/correct them."

"Too many good points to list."


"I think the course presents the information clearly and the small class size is conducive to an interactive environment."

"I learned a lot more than I was expecting to about alcohol and drugs and how they effect me while driving."

There was "good education about the amounts of pure alcohol in various drinks or types of drinks,"

"Good mix of slides, discussion, and videos."

"Learned the effects that alcohol has on your body."